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4606R Paper Cutting Machine

4606R Paper Cutting Machine

4606R Paper Cutting Machine...


4606R Paper Cutting Machine
Programmed Paper Cutting Machine
Mode 4606R
Max Cutting Size 460mm
Max Cutting Thickness 60mm
Min Cutting Size 40mm
Cutting Precise ±0.3mm
Pushing Paper SPC
Pressing Paper Electrical
Display Liquid Crystal
Programmed Yes
Power 220v/110v±10% 50Hz(60Hz)1.3 kw
Machine Weight 135kg
Packing Size 935*740*1235mm
1. The cutter blade adjustment depth of patent
The depth of the external adjustment, convenient and quick
2. The oblique knife cutter patent
Cutting more easily, suitable for cutting thick paper
3. The independent press paper machine
Effectively solve the traditional spring pressure paper is not tight
4. The intelligent control of liquid crystal display
Press time, pressure, paper size calibration points, etc. can be set to adjust, a number of self check function, fault code display, program control can set 100 sets of *30 knife
5. The cutter position indicator
Infrared laser pointer, clear and clear
6. The grating safety protection circuit design
The design of infrared safety protection, after the shield door, conforms to the CE standard, safe operation
7. The appearance of the patent
Novel appearance, suitable for digital printing office environment

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