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HV-460P Paper Cutting Machine

HV-460P Paper Cutting Machine

HV-460P Paper Cutting Machine...


HV-460P Paper Cutting Machine
Model HV-460P
Max. Cutting Size 460mm
Min. Cutting Size 40mm
Cutting Thickness 60mm
Cutting Precision ± 0.3mm
Pressing Paper Mode Electric
Pushing Page Mode Program-control
Program Yes
Display LCD
Power 220v/110v± 10% 50Hz(60Hz) 1.0kw
Machine Weight 130kgs
Machine Size 945*650*1235mm
Product Features
1. The wear-resisting stainless steel table.
2. The rack uses the Dragon Gate type, makes a integrated.
3. The new gearbox matching, easy to cutting paper 60mm in height. And cutting quickly.
4. Large screen display, operation becomes convenient...The cutting depth and size calibration can be adjusted
by setting the program, 100 series programs and 99 cuts per machine, add function of the self-detection and
code fault display.
5. Double guide rod for pushing paper, more accurate size and more durable
6. Infrared safety protection
Making according to CE standard to guarantee safety with front echelette grating and back plastic cover,
operation safer

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